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Specializing in seed stage startups, Blue Terra Ventures provides to-the-point business advice.

We focus on the following areas:

  • Online Games (Free-to-play, eSports).
  • iGaming Businesses (Casinos, Lotteries, Betting, Gambling).
  • Blockchain Businesses (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Initial Coin Offerings, Audits).
  • Internet businesses in DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and India.
  • Online Marketing (SEO, SEA, Social Media).


It can be demanding trying to raise funds for your next amazing idea, specially in DACH and India.

Therefore we at Blue Terra Ventures guide you through this process. Not only do we choose from our network of investors and VCs that are best suited for your business. Our support goes beyond warm introductions and we actively help you through the process to help secure financing.

Additionally, we frequently provide seed stage venture financing to select startups.


The cornerstone for long-term success of any company is its team. Blue Terra Ventures provides you with a strong network of highly qualified individuals with connections to exciting new businesses.

We propose the most effective business stack to the startups we consult and help supercharge their business.

In essence, we fast-track your startup through setting up the right team and choosing the tools so that you can focus on your company vision.

About the services we provide

Business consultation

Blue Terra Ventures is a premiere consulting firm providing specific company building advice to online businesses. 


We conduct crypto audits, as well as smart contract security audits.

BTV can confirm the functionality of your smart contract system by carrying out an audit. By examining the code, we check its security and look for possible bugs, errors or issues that could hurt the users.


As a founder, one of the most important resources you would need and which is likely to consume large portions of your time in the early stages is fundraising. 


Team Building & Growth Hacking

The most important element that makes a company succeed are its employees. A strong team always trumps having the best ideas in the world – and is able to set them into practice.