Business Consulting

Premiere Business Consulting

Blue Terra Ventures is a premiere consulting firm providing specific company building advice to online businesses. 

We operate in several online business areas including:

  • Online games
  • iGaming
  • Blockchain businesses
  • Online marketing
  • Emerging technologies.

Further, we are specially able to help businesses located in India or the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

Market Entry Strategy

For any business, one’s chances of success in a new market often depend on the knowledge of that market. And this is always linked to having a strong pool of local experts in one’s network.

If you are an online business in any of the fields that we focus on and about to enter a new market, it is highly likely that we can help you. For one thing so you avoid the common pitfalls. But also to boost your chances of conquering the market through our experiences and our wide network.


Interim Management

Imagine the following situation: You have just had a stellar fundraiser and with these funds you need to have that CXO you always wanted. However you wold have needed him already yesterday. And you also know that hiring a really great one will take you anywhere between 3 to 6 months at best. 

The above is just one of several scenarios where your company would need a reliable, experienced interim manager to guide your ship until the dream man (or woman) arrives. Blue Terra Ventures helps you finding a respectable interim manager with a strong track record to maximize your company’s potential.

Exit Strategy

From day one of working with your startup, our team will discuss your exit strategy at length. Of course we also make sure that your startup is always on track to fulfil your vision. Blue Terra Ventures can guide you towards understanding your company’s true market valuation . This includes specific advice on any proposed consolidations, purchase of assets, or acquisitions. 

By making use of our advice and negotiating with third parties in a professional manner, you sifnificantly improve the changes of reaching a consensus that meets both your future financial and business goals.